Sick Bay

Awaiting more stories…..

Bob Chad (sucking pain killers like M&M’s)
I am putting “pen to paper”. Late last year a group from Townsville set off from St Jean Pied de Port in southern France to walk the Camino de Santiago (Spain), 790 kilometres. I was one of them. Prior to commencing I went to the doctor re my knees and was told not to WALK. Anyhow as I felt 16 again off I went. The end result was Davina and myself had several stops due to the knees but managed to walk 700 kilometres, this was with backpacks and walking poles. On returning to Townsville, near on a cripple, Doctors, MRI scans, Surgeons etc I was told a knee replacement was the go. Anyone who has had experience with the private medical world will know that after getting quotes from surgeons, anaesthetists etc I was lucky not to be in the coronary section. At this time we were off to a funeral of a very good friend in Mission Beach to be then told another friend was not expected to live, his funeral this week. Then the devastating news of Wal. Wal was a Rugby tragic and we were keeping in touch re Rugby as next year is the World Cup in England and we were both thinking of spending our remaining kitty on this. So what I am basically saying is that it has been a shit of a couple of months and I would like time to ponder over your emails.